Natural Burial

Welcome to Undertaking LA, a funeral home serving Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties.

Together our staff has a combined 19 years of experience in the funeral industry, working at some of the largest mortuaries and cemeteries in California.

Undertaking LA offers simple, inexpensive cremations. We also offer services you won't find at other funeral homes, including the chance to help prepare your loved one's body, to be present at the cremation, or to bury them in a natural, green cemetery.  

We strive to always be honest and transparent about all parts of the funeral process (including no confusing & hidden fees pricing). Death can be complicated, but arranging a funeral should not be.


If you are looking for a Simple Cremation, also referred to as a Direct Cremation, our price is $995.

This is an all inclusive price, all charges necessary to complete a cremation.

Many mortuaries that advertise a lower cost may not include pick-up and mileage in their price. So, if you are currently looking at other homes, please be aware of this.

The only item not included in our price are certified copies of the Death Certificates, which are $21 each. 

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