Welcome to our Resource Page! We want to be able to help you as much as possible by continuously providing education and resources, whether it is for personal growth or a school paper. However, running a mortuary is more than a full-time job and it does not always allow us to answer personal emails and interviews. Please use the links below to help.

CA Funeral Director Study Guide

This is a booklet we put together that goes over some of the most important information you need to know if you will be studying for you California Funeral Director License. We encourage you to visit The California Funeral Bureau's website to find a list of all the laws you are responsible for learning. Within this manual you will find the most common laws you need to know, along with the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule, and the Funeral Exam Handbook.

Click here to download the manual.

Virtual Library

Click the links below to be taken to a list of curated books that are helpful for you to purchase if you want to know about anything from death and art to the chemistry of embalming.



Mortuary School


Online Resources



School Interviews

With the amount of families we serve we are no longer able to answer school interviews. Please understand that interviews take at the very least an hour of our time and while we wish we could continue to devote that to you our families and our job have to come first. To help with this we have put up old interviews that we have done in past. Please click here to be taken to that page. We understand that your teacher may want you to talk directly to a funeral director. We suggest reading our answers and interviewing a funeral director or embalmer in the traditional setting for a vastly more interesting paper as you can view the differences or similarities between us. We believe that we are very similar to our friends and colleagues in the industry and we encourage you to find this out first hand.