Online Resources

Before Undertaking LA, there was our founder's first project, The Order of the Good Death. The Order was founded to bring information and mortality awareness to the public. It contains a variety of information on death, the industry, and other related issues. The Order's members include a diverse range of funeral professionals, scholars, and artists.


Death Salon is the public engagement arm of The Order of the Good Death. We "hold events that bring together intellectuals and independent thinkers engaged in the exploration of our shared mortality by sharing knowledge and art."  We have held events in both the US and Europe, including The Center for Inquiry, The Getty Villa, and the Mutter Museum.

National Home Funeral Alliance

The National Home Funeral Alliance (NHFA) empowers families to care for their own dead by providing educational opportunities and connections to resources that promote environmentally sound and culturally nurturing death practices. This is the place to find information about home funerals, including directories for where to find a speaker, a home funeral education program, a home-funeral-friendly funeral director, celebrants and clergy, and groups who will help families when needed. Our goal is to educate the public to their choices and provide clear information.

The Funeral Consumers Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the consumer.  They make it easier to choose a dignified (however you see dignified) and affordable funeral. They are like the Consumer Reports of funerals, and are full of excellent resources.


All this talk of death can leave a soul hungry. So take a break and feed it by reading all that Nourishing Death has to offer. It's a blog by Order of the Good Death member Sarah Troop that examines the "relationship between food and death in rituals, culture, religion and society." Hungry for more? She also has a site called Death & the Maiden that she runs with the amazing Lucy Talbot that  explores the relationship between women and death.

For those of you in the UK The Good Funeral Guide is a non-profit that advocates for funeral education. They promote the DIY attitude of funerals and we included a link to their FAQ page since it had some really great practical suggestions.