Six-Point Bamboo Coffin

Six-Point Bamboo Coffin

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Our Six-Point Bamboo Coffin is a natural, biodegradable burial or cremation option that features a fully lined, natural unbleached cotton interior and matching pillow. The Six-Point Bamboo Coffin is suitable for identification, viewing and services followed by cremation or burial.

When buried directly in the earth (without a liner or burial vault) this coffin will break down naturally over time. Because it does not use metal or toxic components, the Bamboo Coffin is also suitable as a cremation container.

We also offer a viewing lid for the Six-Point Bamboo Coffin lid that allows for an open-coffin viewing or service. Once the service has concluded, simply replace the full lid prior to the cremation or burial and secure the closures.

Our Bamboo Coffin is certified Fair Trade. Production of this coffin meets stringent standards, some of which are listed below:

  • Create opportunities for the economically disadvantaged.

  • Pay our permanent, full-time workers in excess of 30% above local recommended wages to ensure a good living wage.Do not use child or forced labor.

  • Ensure approximately 50% of the labor force is women.

  • Encourage workers to have a voice.

  • Committed to sustainable environmental practices.

For more information about Fair Trade, please visit Traidcraft and Fair Trade USA.

Sizes Available:

  • 5’9”: (70"L x 20”W x 12”H) $950

  • 6’5”: (77”L x 24”W x 12”H) $1000

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