Our Locations

Arrangements take place at our office in East Hollywood

5300 Santa Monica Blvd Ste 320,

 Los Angeles CA 90029   (MAP HERE)

We are located on the corner of Hobart and Santa Monica Blvd in East Hollywood.

Our office space is where we do all of our arrangements and we suggest making an appointment first to ensure that we are not serving another family at the time you wish to come in.

When you arrive at 5300 Santa Monica, turn into the parking lot. You will see a small security stand with an attendant. Simply tell them that you have an appointment in the building, and the they will point you to our free parking on the second level of the lot.  Once in the door, take the elevator to the third floor, where we are located in Suite 320.


All services are held at our crematory, ALL CARING CREMATIONS in Van Nuys

13800 Saticoy Street, Van Nuys CA 91402   (MAP HERE)

The crematory is where you would come to witness the cremation, have a viewing, or even help us prepare the body. This is also where you will come to pick up your remains when they are ready.

We share our crematory with several other funeral homes, a cooperative that allows small businesses to thrive. But scheduling ahead allows your time in the crematory, chapel, or preparation room to be your time, free from the completely unacceptable pressure to move along for other families or ceremonies.