Our Mission

Japanese family washes a corpse for burial. ca. 1880-1899

Japanese family washes a corpse for burial. ca. 1880-1899

The mission of Undertaking LA is to allow families to reclaim rightful control of the dying process and care of the dead body.

For hundreds of years of American history, death and dying happened in the home. But the rise of the medical and funeral industries has taken once natural processes behind closed doors to be handled by “professionals.” This transition was so complete that in the 21st century, most families are not aware that they are empowered, both legally and logistically, to be involved in the care of their own dead. We believe this can be changed, and we believe it will help our society to better accept death.

Undertaking LA opened its doors in 2015 as a fully licensed funeral home. But we are not the professionals–it is your death, and it is your choice. Whether or not you choose Undertaking LA, we hope you find what you are looking for.

If there has been a death, you are simply planning ahead, or just have a general question we will be happy to help any way we can. You can find our information and submit a message on our CONTACT page. Or you can simply send us an email at undertakingla@gmail.com. Because of the nature of our work it is best to send general questions via email as we are able to respond to them more quickly that way.


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