What is the difference between Pre-Arrangement and Pre-Need?

Pre-Arrangement allows you to fill out and sign paperwork now, so that when the death occurs you can focus on the service and self-care. If you or a family member will be dying in the next six months we encourage you to call us to begin planning for you cremation or burial. If this is something you are interested in you can download our Undertaking LA Packet to get a sense of what paperwork will need to be filled out in order to authorize a cremation with us.

We recommend that you schedule a time to fill this out with one of our Directors so that we can guide you through the process. The entire arrangement takes about 20-35 minutes and can be done entirely on the phone. At the conclusion we will send you an electronic version to sign which will eliminate the need for you to print, scan, or fax the papers back to us.

Pre-Need is when you pay for the services ahead of time. Undertaking LA does not offer pre-need funeral plans and here is why,

"The truth is that it is usually not wise to pay ahead. No matter how attractive the business makes it sound, there are serious drawbacks to pre-paying that the seller will not tell you about. The children and survivors of those who have prepaid often misunderstand the contracts, are unaware of them, or find themselves surprised that there are additional fees to be paid. In addition, many states have inadequate laws protecting funds in pre-need plans, and money invested there could be at risk.-Funeral Consumers Alliance:

We suggest putting the necessary money in an account in the name of the executor of your will, or a trusted friend when the time approaches

We also created a questionnaire for you to download and print out that asks you about your past funeral experiences and what you may want for your own. You can download it here.