Welcome to our Resource Page! Below you will find an ongoing list of work created by us.

Time to Die Workshop Manual

Please feel free to download your own copy. Also be aware that the laws that are provided in this manual are for California only and do not apply to any other state. You may find value in the Home Funeral manual in the back that was created by the amazing Donna Belk. We encourage you to learn more about her work. We also encourage you to visit the National Home Funeral Association to find the laws that pertain to your state along with other valuable information.

We also encourage you to learn more about our hosts, Alua Arthur who runs Going with Grace and Jill Schock who runs Death Doula LA.

Click here to download our manual.

CA Funeral Director Study Guide

This is a booklet we put together that goes over some of the most important information you need to know if you will be studying for you California Funeral Director License. We encourage you to visit The California Funeral Bureau's website to find a list of all the laws you are responsible for learning. Within this manual you will find the most common laws you need to know, along with the Federal Trade Commission Funeral Rule, and the Funeral Exam Handbook.

Click here to download the manual.