Donate or Shop!

We receive many requests from people just like you hoping to get involved and help us achieve our mission and goals. One of the best ways you can help us is by donating so that we may grow our business and have the time we need to be here for you.

Donating helps us provide scholarships for our Home Death Care workshops and the ability to hold more in the future at lower prices. Your donations can also continue to ensure that we can provide low cost cremations to those in need and continue to offer many of our other services that funeral homes charge for, for free. We provide in-depth consultations for free on the phone and often will waive many charges like dressing the body, or hourly charges for services. What this means is that we only charge our families what our service provider charges us for renting the space.

We have some really great fundraisers in the works that will help support all the branches of our non-profits, but if you would like to help in the meantime we have set up a PayPal link that allows you to donate any amount of money you wish.

You can also visit our Etsy store to purchase some of our death positive T's and bags if you're looking to represent your death love! Click the button below to be taken directly to our Good Death store.