Working with Us

We are unbelievably flattered by the outpouring of support and interest to work with us!

At this time, however, we are not hiring or accepting any volunteers.

It is important to realize that if you want to learn the ropes of the funeral industry that Undertaking LA would not be the best fit. While it's true that we do everything any normal funeral home does, we have an incredibly unique operating style that requires having a full understanding of how a traditional home works first. We suggest for all fledglings to get out there and get your hands dirty (in a metaphorical sense) and obtain an entry-level position at any funeral home that is hiring. Try doing a simple Google search with the key terms "funeral home"+"(your city)"+"jobs", to see what is available. You may find that working in a funeral home is the most rewarding career choice, or you may find it is isn't right for you. Either way, a traditional operating home will give you a wealth of knowledge necessary to run a small independent home like ours.